1378 Set of 10 Antique Dayak Ornamented Earrings - Folk Art Object

Set of 10 Earrings for Men of the Dayak of Borneo.

4 Extra Large Earrings

4 Medium Earrings with Bead tassels

4 Medium Earrings without beads

No longer used - No longer made

The curvilinear aesthetic is prevalent in all the art of the Dayak and may be seen in their homes, their clothing and all other objects of daily use.

Also preferred are the yellow glass beads that are seen in their bay carriers as well as their wedding costumes.

Such earrings are very rare and to come across a large collection of 10 pieces is a great fortune!

Collected  from Indonesia in the 1970s by a European collector.


Brinkgreve, F., & D.J. Stuart-Fox (eds), Living with Indonesian Art: The Frits Liefkes Collection, Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde, 2013.



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