1366 Superb Antique Sindh Odhana Abochani Wedding Shawl

Outstanding wedding shawl Odhana / Abochani yellowed with age from the Sindh region

Made for the bride over several years in the same manner as phulkaris. 

Glossy silk embroidery on thick base cloth

Off-white cloth yellowed with age with red silk & green flowers.

Has a few 'fumtu' or floret-tassel embellishments attached to the flat front face that add a third dimension. Also has mirrorwork.

Has stains, missing mirrors, tears and several repair patches on the back to cover up holes & splits. One hole has been artfully covered using crochet in work that is as beautiful as the main embroidery (last photo).

Estimated to be from the late 1800s - very early 1900s.




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