9016 Antique Handwritten Tibetan Astrological Computation Manuscript with Devices

Well preserved Antique Paper Manuscript from Mongolia

12 double sided pages plus the 3-disc device.

The manuscript is accompanied by

1) a circular diagram drawn one half on each of two folios, which together make a circle

2)  set of 3 manipulative devices in the form of 3 circular discs of decreasing sizes that are to be place on top of the circle and fixed at the centre. These discs are free to rotate. The uppermost disc has a bow and arrow drawn upon it. This acts as a pointer in the calculations. 

This is a valuable work from the point of view of the mathematics involved, the cultural aspect as well as the art. An absolutely fantastic acquisition!

There is some edge wear. 

Size: 21 x 7 cm

Estimated to be from the late 1800s / early 1900s

Excellent for research.

Also included are some drawings on other subjects - may have been part of a larger thesis. 








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