1100 Framed Set of 3 Antique Miniature Thangka Burhany Zurag Mongolia

Framed set of 3 Miniature Thangka, Burhany Zurag

Burhany Zurags are small personalised portable version of Thangkas.
Each Burhany Zurag is created for an individual and a depicts a deity invoked for specific purpose based on astrology.
Painted on cloth these are carried around by the individual in an encasement.
This is larger than the normal Burhany Zurag Thangka.
One half of the artwork is worn out as can be seen from the photos.
Estimated to be from the early 1800s, Mongolia
Painting on the right: 64 x 69mm
Painting in the middle: 80mm x 67mm
Painting on the left: 69 x 80mm
Frame: 35 x 41cm

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