262 Rare Antique Pearl Headdress Pat'h - Tibetan Noblewoman's Jewelry

The Pat'h headdress of Tibet is an extremely rare find.

The 'Y' shaped ornament was worn on the head to support an ornate hairstyle. Worn in Lhasa & the U-Tsang region. This Pat'h is adorned with large pieces of coral and turquoise. The main body contains larger pearls in the central rows and smaller pearls in the other rows. The Pat'h contains a supporting Y-shaped metal rib structure that is covered completely in cloth.

LITERATURE REFERENCE : 'Tibetan Nomads' by Schuyler Jones. This book contains several photographs and explanatory notes on the Pat'h.

MUSEUM PRESENCE : Photographs of Tibetan Pat'h are available in the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, UK.

MEASUREMENT : Length of each of the 2 shorter arms of the 'Y' is 20 cm, length of the longer arm stem of the 'Y' is 25 cm

Pearls have signs of age and discoloration.

Estimated to be from the mid 1800s



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