1310 Antique Buddhist Tantric Priest Ceremonial Crown Diadem with Pancha Buddha

A  crown or mukut with 'Pancha Buddha' worn by the highest Buddhist Priests - the Vajracharyas during tantric religious ceremonies.

Vajracarya, "master of the thunderbolt", is both a caste and family name indicating those entitled to perform priestly functions. They command the highest rank in the Buddhist community, the equivalent of Brahmans in the Hindu community.

This crown is worn by the buddhist newari monk called Gurju or Vajracharya.

Handcrafted in Copper,Bronze and Brass Buddhist Crown There are five separate Budha elements that are fixed in place at the time of wearing. The inner padded cloth is probably an old replacement.

Such heirloom items are consecrated and passed on when new pieces are commissioned by the monasteries.

Age unknown but estimated to be form the early 1900s.

6 inch tall / 8 inch diameter





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