Online Exhibition - Cradle Cloths

A 'Ghodiyu' is one of the most ingenious baby products the world has made are hammocks hung from a frame or even the branch of a tree.
A cradle cloth is hung from a wooden frame and the cloth wraps around the baby snugly. With a long rope-string attached to the exterior the mother rocks the hammock in which the baby is ensconced as she goes about her household chores.
At the 7th month ceremony, the mother-to-be is given gifts by relatives
and naturally, in a land where textiles are synonymous with wealth,
the gift given is also a textile specially created for this occasion.
And so the mother receives several cradle cloths
for her baby - some that will be used, others that are kept away.
This gallery offers a collection of these ghodiyus that are
amazing textiles - either because of their embroidery
or handspun handwoven cotton
or the beauty of their dyes.


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