745 Antique Wedding Turban with Double Sided Palindrome Embroidery - Swat Valley Textile

Superb double sided embroidery on turban end panels and borders.

Thick and heavy luscious embroidery on borders and end panels done extremely neatly

Silk  used - main color is deep red with accents in pink, yellow, green and blue.

Rarest of rare Swat Valley pieces

 304 x 39cm not including the yellow fringes

Each end panel with the double sided embroidery is 120 cm long - therefore 2/3rds of the piece is covered with embroidery!

Worn by men as a turban at important ceremonies

A turban is also the symbol of one's honor and is symbolic of a man's pride. It is the most important dress item of a man. Social Code requires that the turban be treated with respect and conversely any disrespect to the turban may be perceived as an insult.

Estimated to be from the early-mid 1900s

Literature Reference: John Gillow's book showcases a similar turban with double sided embroidery


This item has lived a hearty life participating in the lives of the original creators. Therefore signs of usage may be present in the form of minor stains, tears, repairs, thread loss etc. 







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