1324 Antique Shekarlou Qashqai Rug MASTERPIECE

Qashqai-Shekarlu Qashqai Rug,

Persia, 19th century, wool/wool,

approx. 250 x 185 cm,

Fair condition - has some holes that probably came from some hooks during shipping handling sometime during its dozen decades. [photos on request]

MY NOTES: I have waited to buy a Shekarlu for many many years - mostly because they are quite un-affordable. Further, most are similar to each other in character and I was unable to make up my mind about putting down a lot of money on any one. Now, I have a preference for yellows and greens..... So to find a Shekarlu that was within my budget and also so unique and so full of soul and had a green medallion was a stroke of  pure luck that I shall forever wonder about! Reminds me of the song from Sound of Music... 'I must have done something good'. This beauty sits side-by-side at the top of my favorites list alongside 999.



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