1160 Antique Double Sided Emrboidery Manila Manton - Cantonese Embroidery - White Base

Superb Dense Manila Manton

Made in Canton, China 1900-1920

Antique shawl with multicolor silk embroidery on white base

Profusely embroidered with flowers and figures

Spectacular shawl embroidered with flowers and scenes with Chinese in one corner.

Stitch embroidered with tiny delicacy in Chinese to be distinguishable hairs of the beard of the male figures figures.

Drape owners intended to distinguish the mastery of embroidery.

Color: Beige embroidered with multicolor

Excellent piece for use as a style accessory or as a collectible!

Also known as Piano Shawl, Fringed Flapper Shawl & Flamenco Shawl.



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