1143 Antique Double Sided Emrboidery Manila Manton - Cantonese Embroidery Shawl - No Fringe

Superb Dense Manila Manton

Made in Canton, China 1880-1900

Antique shawl with multicolor silk embroidery on a black silk ground,

Size: 63" x 59".

This most likely had a typical knotted fringe, but a previous owner had it removed.

Profusely embroidered with flowers, figures, buildings, and animals.

There are a variety of scenes.

In the inner border: bathing and cleaning an elephant, a farmer and his water buffalo, a foo dog, a deer.

The central square area enclosed by two borders: figures in a variety of activities, driver and passengers in a car—very rare depiction in shawls, a rickshaw driver and a passenger, a steam boat, fish, a dog, birds in flight, a mother and son and a horse, soldiers, tall buildings, factories, boys playing with a ball.

If you look carefully above the boy near his mother and a horse, you can see a train car/wagon.

Excellent piece for use or as a collectible!

Also known as Piano Shawl, Fringed Flapper Shawl & Flamenco Shawl.



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