1308 Vintage Berber Wedding Shawl Blanket Tamizart / Handira - North African Textile Art

Old Berber Women’s Wedding Blanket – Tamizart – Zaiane Tribe, Middle Atlas, Morocco

This coat has been professionally washed; good condition, small damages due to age and use.

In the Berber language the wedding blanket is called ‘Tamizart’.

The Imazighen (singular Amazigh) also known as the Berbers are among the original peoples of North Africa. Their myths, legends and history span 9,000 years, back to the Proto-Mediterraneans.

They have achieved unity by keeping up their unique language and culture which are, like their land, both African and Mediterranean.

For similar examples, see “Splendeurs du Maroc”, Africa Museum Tervuren, p. 178.

Estimated to be from the 1950s192 x 132 cm


This item has lived a hearty life participating in the lives of the original creators. Therefore signs of usage are present in the form of minor stains, tears, repairs, thread loss etc. 




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