1020 Vintage Ghodiyu Cradle Cloth Hammock with Green Backing

Vintage Cradle Cloth in unusual rare base cloth color

Used as a hammock for babies & toddlers, this is an extravagantly embroidered piece from Gujarat.

Has the very very rare Huramchi stitch (that is like crochet and remains separated from the base fabric) and the Tan stitch.

The backing cloth is a jewel-like green (natural dyes) and adds tremendously to the beauty of this piece!

Note the lovely women - some even have pots on their heads!

The base cloth and the backing cloth are handwoven khadi with hand-spun yarn.

Will make a wonderful artwork on the wall.

Piping present.

LITERATURE REFERENCE : A similar cradle cloth hammock but from a different tribe may be seen on pages 207 in 'Indian Textiles' by John Gillow & Nicholas Bernard. 

CONDITION : Good condition.

Roughly 2 feet x 3 feet

 Estimated to be from the mid 1900s

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