805 Set of 3 Vintage Anatolian Nomadic (Yoruk) Tent Doors

A set of three tent doors



Probably 1950s


Estimated to be from the 1930s -1950s

The length  is about 174cm for all the 3 panels.
The widths are different and given below:
Textile on the Left (reference last photo) : 64cm to 69 cm
Textile in the Centre: 77cm to 83cm
Textile on the Right: 58cm to 71cm

Some fading & fraying. A Significant cut and some holes present on the heavily decorated piece (see pic with all 3 complete pieces - light shines in through). This set will need some repair & restoration work to bring back the full glory of its nomadic beauty. 

Priced accordingly.

Weight is over 6 kg.






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