1318 Antique Mahmoudi Bakhnoug Shawl - Textile Art Masterpiece

Mahmoudi (woman's mantle) Bakhnoug Wool Wedding Shawl

Spectacular geometric and abstract motifs. They form an alphabet through which declarations of belonging, of faith and messages of goodwill and hope are expressed.

Wool with cotton supplementary patterns, tie-dyed at ends.

The piece is dyed after weaving and the cotton resists the indigo. There are two small holes in the border area, one roughly darned in the white striped area of the detail image below. Fringes edges have some rough spots.

Berber people from the border of Tunisia and Libya

47" by 83" (119 by 210 cm)

From the early-mid 1900s

These textiles are very important to the family and so rarely available commercially.



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