137 SOLD Antique Weaver's Heirloom Patan Patola Double Ikat Sari Fragment - A



This extremely fine example of double Ikat is an heirloom piece of one of the two surviving Patola weaving families in Patan.

It is an heirloom fragment piece - about quarter sari - that has been with them for over 10 generations. I was told at the time of acquisition that this sari is over 500 years old.

I am more conservative in my dating and estimate it to be around from the early 1800s.

The value of a Patan Patola is directly proportional to the diversity of motifs used in it as this increases the difficulty of creating the artwork.

This fragment has

- the paan bhaath or leaf motif

- the vaurani or bride motif

- the popat or parrot motifs,

- the phool or flower motif and

- the haathi or elephant motif

- several border motifs

Microscopic examination of the fibres [see photo] and the weave reveal a uniqueness not found in other more recent antique patolas.

Mounted on a raw silk backing for support.

Uncomparable ancestral heirloom piece. Rare.


Examples of younger Patolas may be seen

1. On pages 14 & 27 in 'Indian Textiles' by John Gillow & Nicholas Bernard

2. Page 42-49, "Tradition and beyond, Handcrafted Indian Textiles" by Rta Kapur Chishti / Rahul Jain

Approx 130 cm height x 125 cm width on raw silk mounting.

Fragile condition.

Several spots of distress.

MY NOTES: Patolas are rare but to find one from the weaver's heirloom treasure chest is a matter of fortune! Such pieces will rarely ever come up for sale.



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