847 Old Bishnoi Woven Skirt with Amazing Embroidered Motifs

Old Skirt of the Bishnoi community.

Handwoven coarse base cloth. Hand stitched

Hand done embroidery with figures and a diverse range of motifs that have the same character but are all unique.

Motifs of camels and girls flowers - very rustic and endearing!

Extremely rare art!

Estimated to be from the 1950s

Skirt Circumference at the bottom: Over 3 meters.

Drawstring fastening at the waist.

From the feel of the fabric, it does not seem to have been used very much - the main cloth is still a bit stiff.

Some mirrors missing or cracked. Some repairs, minor tears, stains, spots of wear, thread loss are to be expected.

Bishnoi textiles are rare and the charming motifs on this piece deliver the ultimate prize: the soul of the artist!!!

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