1059 Antique Yao Shaman Dragon Robe

This shaman dragon robe has traditional elements. These include the Three Pure Ones at the top of the back who oversee the Daoist pantheon with rows of saints, sages and immortals. of gods and saints. There are also auspicious beasts such as the phoenix and qilin. Of course, dragons are present at the front of this robe. Beneath the dragons are a fish (for good fortune) and horse (symbol of strength). This robe strongly resembles the type created by the ethnic Cao Lan and could have been made in northern China or northern Vietnam. Wear is apparent and there is some fading of some of the images, particularly on the front of this robe, however, as a whole, the piece can be clearly seen and appreciated.

Early to mid 20th Century. For a very similar item, see "How to Make the Universe Right: The Art of the Shaman from Vietnam and Southern China," p. 151-170 by Dr. Trian Nguyen.

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