708 Rare Banjara Choli Blouse - Handspun cotton - Handwoven Cloth Handstitched Garment


All hand spun cotton, hand woven cloth, hand embroidery and hand stitched!

Super example of rare banjara sub-group of textiles from a vanishing culture.

No Longer made.

Note the beautiful beautiful Indigo!!! As well as the amazing little mashru patch used at the bottom - maybe the cloth was not enough and had to be supplemented by what was readily available. 

Simply fabulous piece!

Will make a wonderful artwork framed and put up on the wall!

May be paired with 709

Length 46cm Width when laid out flat 35cm. This size makes me wonder about the use. Yet the creases on the sleeves indicate that the piece has indeed adorned a young banjara girl.




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