1290 Antique Doulton Burslem Milk Jug

Antique Burslem Jug with the mark "Doulton"

Estimated to be from the late 1800s

Acquired from a flea market in Singapore in 2002 with a note that says

“Fine earthenware and Chine

Made at Burslem

c 1882-1902”

A note from a kind reader JH who offered insights on this jug:

"I like to imagine the blue flowered jug from Burslem was brought to Asia at great effort by the wife of a Brit in the consular corps or the overseas trade. The very similar “Calico” pattern of blue transfer ware is made by several Staffordshire companies, is quite collectible and many pieces found for sale on the internet. Your’s is much more special, however, in the angular network and two blues, top and bottom. It is bold and perfect. I can’t find it in keys to china patterns"

INVENTORY LOCATION: 2 [please ask about shipping date]

INCLUDES SHIPPING of $120 for this fragile treasure.



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