437 Silk Qum Rug - High Knot Count - Signed by masterweaver Masumi

Signed by the famous masterweaver Masumi

Beautifully drawn Garden of Eden drawing - with trees intertwining sensuously.

This is created as a work of wall art rather than a carpet or rug.

Extremely dense weaving.

Size: 30 inches x 46 inches.


"One of the most high-quality hand silk-Woven Silk-workshop. The dyes and color combinations iare the speciality of this high quality art from Masumi and this skill is only available with this man.

Further this hand weaving on Masumi Persian carpets is beyond human limits, andhis carpets are therefore among the world's most expensive goods. This Masumi kobo collection of Persian carpets is a property much beyond "carpets" " FROM A JAPANESE WEBSITE THAT OFFERS 3-6 MASUMI CARPETS A YEAR


Note: The front is faded and it is the back that showcases the pretty colors

Very Rare

[New pieces from his workshop retail in Japan for Yen 2million!!!]



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