1128 Antique Silver Burmese Manuscript Kammavaca - 1700s

Superb Silver Ancient Burmese Kammavaca Manuscrip

Ornate wood covers decorated with in red, green & silver sparkles.

Thick lacquered text on gilded base. 

Some folios from the eighteenth century are recognizable by their distinctive slightly tarnished silvery sheen. This was acquired by adding a small amount of gold to silver, a piece of which was pounded repeatedly in a leather pouch to produce mogyo leaf or “sky string”, said to resemble the color or lightning.

Gilding worn in places. The pages have suffered from the passing of time and some edges or corners crumbled.

THE SILVER found in this set is extremely rare.

Estimated to be from the 1700s / early 1800s

Condition is not perfect





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