259 Antique Heirloom Perak Headdress Ladakh Jewelry

This fine Perak headdress from the Zanskaar valley has large old turquoise stones, lambskin ears, silver embellishments, lapis accents, a central ghau meant for the protection of the wearer and two side panels adorned with the most highly valued gem locally i.e. coral.

Peraks are passed down from mother to daughter and it is only in the rare circumstance of there being no daughter to inherit the Perak, that the Perak leaves the ancestral family. It is then donated to a monastery after pujas and ceremonies. The monastery subsequently auctions the Perak. The turquoise stones in new and young peraks do not have the color character seen in old Peraks such as this one.

This ancestral heirloom piece is heavy and of unknown age.

Length 130cm



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