682 Antique Mata Ni Pachedi Hand Painted Block Printed Kalamkari Textile Art

Well preserved Large Mata Ni Pachedi - a textile used by the Vaghri people in Gujarat.

These are used at community gatherings and the size of the original pieces is usually large so as to be viewable by many. In the recent times, small artworks are being produced for commercial sale.

The larger ones are the original ones that were meant for use by the community. This is one of the few large pieces that come up for sale commercially as the large pieces are not produced for commerce but for self-consumption.

The figures can be created either by hand painting or block printing. This piece is block printed and then hand dyed.

Condition is good but might have some minor usage related issues.

134cm x 97cm

Estimeated to be from the 1930s-1950s


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