138 Exquisite Executed Mata Ni Pachedi Kalamkari Artwork - Museum Quality


Hand Painted, dyed Kalamkari textile from Gujarat that originally was a worship textile and is today being replicated as artwork.

This exquisite piece has been done by an "mastercraftsman" award recipient from the President of India.

Work of such finesse was produced for a brief period when the artists had begun shifting into the space of "art for the sake of art". During this period they were still earning their place on the pedestal so they produced what a series of what must be their finest works in those days.

Today they make beautiful pieces and larger artworks but even in the exhibition of works by the same artist held in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport Museum, I did not see any as fine as this one.

Absolutely outstanding work of art!

61 inches x 36 inches


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