1111 Antique Buddhist Thangka Painting Art - 18th century, Mongolia

This simple Thangka de-accessioned by a monastery in Mongolia is estimated to be from the 18th century.

The top half was probably exposed to the incense and vapors of lamps in the monastery more than the bottom half and the painting is not easily visible as a result.

But we can see that the dye or pigment used in the figure in the top left corner (pic 6) has  oxidised completely.

There is an handwritten inscription of more than 6 lines at the back - probably a sutra or blessing - in Tibetan script.

47.5 x 34 cm

Is in poor condition - some tears as can be seen in the photos. It is also generally a dark painting as seen in the first photo. The photos of the details appear brighter than the real thing. Has mild fold marks.

This is a work of art that has lived a hearty life within the culture it was born in. It brings with it moments of culture, in which it was a part of the living traditions of Buddhism. The tears the darkening are all testimonies of that life lived in the presence of butter lamp smoke and vapours for more than a century in a Monastery

Has an inscription at the back

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