1313 Antique Dayak Beaded Basket Baby Carrier

Superb Antique Kalimantan Dayak baby carrier with beautiful & uncommon blue beads

Rare lobster motif.

Rare beaded panels for the top, left and right rims.

Valuable glass beads all along the top panel.

Lovely old batik cloth patches in the lining.

 Beaded panel is estimated to be from the early-mid 1900s and then reset on a later rattan basket from the late 1900s

12" (30.5 cm) high by 12" (30.5 cm) wide by 6" (15.2 cm) deep

LITERATURE REFERENCE : Photographs of baby carriers being used in real life may be seen on pages 55-56 of the book titled "Borneo - A photographic Journey" by Dennis Lau



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