Tribal Textile and Bead Art of Nagaland

This photoessay is preceded by the article that appears on titled "Red, White and Black - Tribal Textiles of Nagaland" available here. Images will say it better than words ... so I have uploaded images in three sections.
  1. Complete costumes
  2. Costume Components
  3. Beads.


Zuki Tribe

Chakhesang Tribe

Rengma Tribe

Lotha Tribe

Human Hair accessories

Chang Tribe

Signature motifs woven onto the shawls

Dancing with abandon to the tune of Nagamese music and rice wine

Ao Tribe


Beaded Belt

Men's skirt with rope belts

Naga tribal jewelry costume

Ao tribe shoulder panel

monkey skull accessory

Chakhesang Tribe

brass skulls declaring the warrior's victory

cowrie cuffs

feather earrings

Chang Tribe

animal hair ankle ties


plaited cane head gear


Sumi Tribe

Chest cross bands (also seen in tribes from Sabah)

Mini backpack with human hair

the weapon holder

Chakhesang  tribe warrior - the right to wear this must be earned

Conch jewelry

skull medallion

cowrie loin cloth

An antique example of the above loin cloth is available in the Wovensouls collection


Sumi Tribe hip belt

signature konyak beads

Recently made and antique examples of these pieces  are available in the Wovensouls collection

Chakhesang Tribe

cornelium beads

conch shell medallion

These are just some images of the magnificent visual feast ... Antique Naga beads similar to the ones above have been exhibited in the Wovensouls gallery here. jm December 2010

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