Traditional Naga Bamboo Climbing and Fire Making

Greased-bamboo pole climbing and Traditional fire-making....a few images.

Boys preparing to compete in the greased bamboo pole climbing competition between tribes

Splashing mud to create friction

*** Fire making by a senior Lotha tribesman

The materials

Note the stone wedged inside the split stick

The strip of bamboo passes under the stone through the straw and is held at the two ends and pulled back and forth briskly

Blowing into the fragile fire sparks to strengthen

Lighting a candle with the sparks

Amazing performances by amazing Nagas! More articles on Nagaland: Naga Lifestyle Naga Textiles Part I: Red, White and Black - Tribal Textiles of Nagaland (published on Jozan) Naga Textiles Part II: Tribal Textile and Bead Art of Nagaland Naga Dance, Music performances Tears in Kohima Naga Portraits (professional quality images) jm Dec 2010

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