The Last Dance

The Paris Opera Ballet (France) presented at the Esplanade in Singapore recently. Before I entered the private box that I had a seat in, the hosts - the Esplanade management - explained that that particular show was the last dance of one of the key ballet dancers. The last dance. Ever. As I sat through the show in the dark theatre, catching zoomed glimpses of the perfect footwork with the theatre binoculars, all I could think of was the state of her mind. What must she be feeling? In performing every move, in listening to the applause, in her bow - what was she thinking and feeling?If I had been in her pretty ballerina shoes, would I be able to be so stoic and maintain a perfect performance? A last dance - a last good bye - to the stage - to an audience - to the activity that must have consumed her whole life - how much strength would one need to not cry in that last bow! jm Feb 2012

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