The Arresting Architecture of Chi Lin Nunnery, Kowloon

cp The photos below suffice to show the serenity reflecting the stillness and peace of mind of its inhabitants. The art in its architecture is complemented by the craft and the technology of creating such work without the use of any metal - not even a nail. The male-female jointed method of woodwork has been used to create this entire temple complex in Kowloon. Chi Lin Nunnery-1 Chi Lin Nunnery-4 Chi Lin Nunnery-10 Chi Lin Nunnery-6 Chi Lin Nunnery-8 Chi Lin Nunnery-9 Chi Lin Nunnery-13  Chi Lin Nunnery-15 Chi Lin Nunnery-16 Chi Lin Nunnery-17 Chi Lin Nunnery-18 Chi Lin Nunnery-20  Chi Lin Nunnery-22 Chi Lin Nunnery-23 Chi Lin Nunnery-25 Chi Lin Nunnery-26 Chi Lin Nunnery-27 Chi Lin Nunnery-33 Chi Lin Nunnery-34 Chi Lin Nunnery-35 Chi Lin Nunnery-38 Leaving to go back to the material world of skyscrapers and capitalism. Chi Lin Nunnery-43 Chi Lin Nunnery-42 Chi Lin Nunnery-40



aug 2013

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