Sumazau Folk Dance of Sabah, Borneo

This is a mini photo-essay on the folk dance of Sabah, Borneo, easily one of the most graceful and fluid dances in Asia. Outstretched hands and palms moving up and down slowly, portray bird-like movements. Feet move smoothly in tiny steps with the heel playing an important role in the dance. These performers are dressed up for a show, but the costumes they wear reflect the original ethnic costumes worn by the Kadazandusun tribe.  A sample of contemporary textiles used at festive occasions. Even though the bright neons of the new textiles do not appeal to me, it is easy to imagine the beauty of the older pieces that these new ones have evolve from. A few antique textiles from the region have been displayed in the Wovensouls gallery. Click here to visit the gallery jm

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