SOUNDS OF SHANTI - Photography Exhibition presented by Esplanade Singapore

Esplanade Theatres, Singapore presents 'Sounds of Shanti' - a photography exhibition reflecting devotional music of the various cultures of Asia, in conjunction with their music festival "Tapestry of Sacred Music". The series consists of 24 photographs  by Jaina Mishra  depicting the sounds of sacred music. A few photographs from the exhibition: 20130402-190901 20130402-191210.jpg The exhibition runs from April 5th to May 5th at the Tunnel, Basement 1, The Esplanade, SIngapore. Please click here to view the details on the Esplanade website *** A sweet email received from a visitor today: "Hi, I had gone to Esplanade today to make the booking for my show in June. On my way back I stumbled upon your exhibition (I am fairly new to Singapore so still ignorant about the Arts world).....I felt it....each and every sound through the frames....even though the only sounds around me were of people running to the mrt and kids skating through...I had been very agitated and stressed with my upcoming event....but your frames and the series just engulfed me into it....and I experienced the sense of momentary touched by each and every sound that you spoke does stir me and humbles me profoundly....always brings me to my present moment ....Thank you for the magical experience today!" M.B."   jm April 2013

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