Small Town magic - The Best Street Food

  I am not usually prone to making comments about 'best' since it is realistically not possible to test it all before making such a declaration that would be true. But these were so good that there is a need to make some superlative comment. The best Alu tikkis Best-alu-Tikki-in-the-world-1 Best-alu-Tikki-in-the-world-2 Best-alu-Tikki-in-the-world-3 Their maker that I am grateful to.   Now for the best jalebis in the world Best-jalebi-9 Best-jalebi-3   Best-jalebi-1 Best-jalebi-2Wholesome Desi Ghee Fat.... sends out the fragrance to the entire neighborhood   Best-jalebi-7'Fried until golden'   Best-jalebi-4Adding the fried jalebis to thick sugar syrup       Best-jalebi-6     Ready to eat crispy fried jalebis! An absolute MUST-EAT on every trip to India! The Goddess of Food is happy! jm Aug 2013

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