Sarawak Diaries

The number of hours spent in an airplane seems to be directly proportional to the "Exotica  Quotient" of a destination. This is false of course and although I knew that, I had forgotten it until I arrived in Sarawak - a state that is just outside my doorstep figuratively. The island of Borneo is divided into 3 regions - Sarawak, Sabah and Kalimantan. The first two are a part of Malaysia while the third is a part of Indonesia. A pioneering photographer Dennis Lau notes that it would take a dedicated lifetime to explore and understand each of these 3 regions. An example of the diversity - the Bidayuh tribe (which is not even the largest group here)  have 34 different sub groups, each speaking a dialect that other Bidayu do not understand - and so they converse in English or Malay! The art and crafts of  Borneo are as vast as they are stunning - particularly their bead-textile work - so much so that a 3 separate  building / institutions  have been dedicated to the textile museums! And the antique stores house as many stories as articles - each article leads to its unique use that awes the traveller! Sea Gypsies, Jungle nomads and erstwhile headhunters - all in Borneo! More articles about all these in a few days .... A python for dinner Bidayuh Tribal Longhouse in Borneo A cultural 'Stay' experience - the Kuching Waterfront hotel for backpackers Dayak Tribal Portraits A drive through Old Kuching Curious Dayak Tribal Objects Sumazao Folk Dance of Borneo (Sabah) jm May 2012

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