Rooband - The Tadjik Veil

What a fantastic word to describe the veil ROOH = Spirit or Soul BAND = Shut or closed For it is the the soul that must be captured, it is the soul that must be protected. You may see a person completely naked but unless you exchange spirits through the eyes, there is no connection - no bond. Placing  a veil over the eyes ensures that no one sees the spirit unless the spirit wishes it. Anonymity. Protection. Through a RoohBand. Most veils are created to make the visual blander than it really is. To ensure that eyes do not rest upon the visual. Most veils are simple and plain and functional. Created not to attract but to deflect the vision. But the exquisite tadjik veil is attractive and beautiful and made as  a piece of art. A vintage example that represents this groups of textiles well. Embroidered in silk thread, the peacocks and flowers are the main motifs on all Tadjik Roobands. This one is also lined with Ikat borders. The little rectangular net acts as a peephole for the veiled wearer. Image [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="650"]Image Vintage Tadjik Rooband Veil with silk embroidery[/caption]


This work of art is from the wovensouls collection.

jm Oct 2013

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