On the Silk Route at the Nathula Pass, India-China border

The day journey from Gangtok is a difficult one, but that doesn't stop tourists from reaching the pass 15000 ft above sea level.....I was just one of the 4-5 dozen tourists visiting Nathu-la pass on that day! The majestic mountains, the mirror-like lakes, the prayer flags adorning high peaks, and the yaks along the way all made the journey a breathtaking one! The final leg to the pass and the India-China border had to be made on foot....difficult but worth the climax ...when I shook hands with a Chinese soldier on the other side of the border! [slideshow] In that single connected moment, we stood in the same point in space but were separated by 3.5 hours in time....he followed Beijing time that is 3.5 hours away from New Delhi time, that I was following on my side of the border! Back to Sikkim Diaries jm March 2011

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