My journey as a Photographer

This is a copy of the 'Biography' page on forum that I updated every now and then. At some point I gave up adding to this page ....but have put in my final entry recently. It is short and sweet - not because I have nothing more to say, but because there is a word limit for this section on photo.met. is my second Guru in photography (first guru is the equipment) - it answered all my questions and the discussions of the collective community kept me learning things that I did not even know that I had to learn. The biography page is a newcomer's introduction to the community. So I bragged in the beginning....and soon enough ate humble pie, fed to me not-so-gently by the realisation of my ignorance and lack of skill. Here it is: "Mensa member, MBA, Author (The IQ Parenting Handbook) Antique Textile Collector, ( and Traveller to ethno-culturally rich places. Date of Birth of the 'serious' photographer in me : Feb 25th, 2009. *** Watch me evolve ........ *** Added March 9th, 2009 : I have enough control over the camera to manipulate the settings but am still struggling to get the effect I desire. I have also discovered that photoshop can correct many of the mistakes I make in lighting. Am not sure if knowing of this crutch at this fledgeling stage of development will handicap me or free me ! *** March 13th, 2009 : It is totally unfair that different lenses behave differently, that birds, humans and other animals have absolutely no considerations for a budding-famous-photographer's feelings - and refuse to stop flying or pouncing while a shot is being taken. How will I ever get there if this unfairness continues ! *** May 26th, 2009 Have understood the settings of the camera body tho' I cannot yet say that I have mastered it. Have learnt enough about enough lenses and can choose effectively for a particular need. Have also finally crossed a barrier - am now getting familiar with PS and its opening up so many possibilities. I think the plateau of frustration will end with this with a sudden new unfolding of possibilities to transform my photographs into "perfect" images ! *** May 30th 2009 I look back at my portfolio and find that the last three folders have impressed even ME !! They look so starkly different from the previous ones !! Is it PS ? Or is it better choice of lenses ? I seriously doubt its the third factor - that I have become a better photographer so SUDDENLY !  Whatever the real reason is, I am happy that my kids are totally impressed with my sudden show of expertise... *** June 22nd 2009 When I get comments from friends & family on a great picture I find myself passing on the credit to the greatness of the subject itself. What have "I" really done besides freeze that beauty into an image. The beauty was there befoe I came and saw it, and will remain even had I not taken a picture of it. The credit of the beautiful image goes to the creator of that subject - not to me - the photographer. The ONLY credit I am comfortable taking - is for delivering that beauty from one spot in time & space to eyes that wouldn't have otherwise been there to witness it. *** August 18th 2009 I am at the point of greed - where NAS (nikon Acquisition Syndrome) virus has hit my brain functions and makes me believe that I will become a legendary photographer once I have every legendary lens made ! *** August 20th 2009 Just when I thought I was getting a grasp of everything there is to know - ( like i now EVEN know how to make borders in PS !!) and even know how to identify the 28 2.8AiS lens.......isn't that WOW?) ........through all the research I realise that there is simply toooooooo much to know in any single one sub-subject such as lenses. So even if I were to put aside all other interests in life - such as breathing sleeping, eating, there just wouldn't be enough time in this phase of life to master it all. So I am hoping that the enthusiasm & overconfidence outlasts the energy long enough to make me a better photographer ......and then the better results will themselves fuel the life of this phase. *** July 8th, 2011 I now have a few images that I think are good (on but think that I will probably never feel like I have a complete grip on the technical stuff. My wish list at this point: 1. A master (other than google) who will answer all my unanswered questions as I bumble through my never-ending learning of the SEVERAL crafts needed in photography..... 2. Lenses that are lighter .... 3. Lots of applause thats all..." *** The word limit puts an end to the biography on at this point. But I will continue documenting this evolution here because  'there are miles to go before I sleep' jm July 23rd, 2011

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