Losar Celebrations - Bonfire at Kagyud Monastery, Sikkim

The Kagyud Monastery was the best experience of my Sikkim trip. This is the monastery that I will return to someday. On my second visit,  the day just before Losar, I watched the bonfire in which the symbol of evil and negativism of the completed year, was burnt in a bonfire. This photo-essay describes the procession culminating in the bonfire on the last day of the passing year. And on my third visit on the day of Losar, I was invited to have the ceremonial lunch. [slideshow] The characteristics of the flames and the strength of the fire signify the fortunes of the new year. The fire we witnessed that evening, conveyed very good omen ...for the earth, for the monastery and for all humans! A very happy Losar, a very happy fresh beginning.... Back to Sikkim Diaries jm march 2011

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