Hand Looms, Foot Looms and more

Many of the textile enthusiasts that I know, enjoy understanding the technicalities that go into the creation of the art. The loom type, the weave type, the knot structure etc etc. Over the years I have taken photos of many different looms that are unique to the regions extending from Kutch in the West India to Ryukyu in Japan. My limited knowledge in this area does not qualify me to write about it and so am merely posting pictures. cp 1. First some Charkhas or Spinning wheels - used to spin cotton by hand.

Wovensouls-hand-loom-photo-2 (1)From kutch

http://wovensouls.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/ryukyu-textile-weaving-5.jpgFrom Ryukyu


1. The Masru Loom:

Masru is a type of textile that has silk on the correct side and cotton on the side that touches the skin. I was told that this is created because Silk is not allowed on the skin of men in that community. Wovensouls-hand-loom-photo-9 Wovensouls-hand-loom-photo-0 Wovensouls-hand-loom-photo-1 (1)   Wovensouls-hand-loom-photo-5 Wovensouls-hand-loom-photo-6  Wovensouls-hand-loom-photo-8

2. Rug Loom, Bhuj, Kutch:

Wovensouls-hand-loom-photo-1 Wovensouls-hand-loom-photo-2 Wovensouls-hand-loom-photo-3

3. The Tamil Loom (probably Kanjeevaram)

traditional-textiles-of-south-india-48-of-52 traditional-textiles-of-south-india-12-of-52 traditional-textiles-of-south-india-22-of-52 traditional-textiles-of-south-india-23-of-52traditional-textiles-of-south-india-9-of-52 traditional-textiles-of-south-india-10-of-52 traditional-textiles-of-south-india-11-of-52  

4. Tribal Loom in Odisha

a-tribal-portrait-201301-orissa-1616a-tribal-portrait-201301-orissa-1613The cloth she produces is hung up on the side. These are worn as wrap around skirts by this tribe that has minimal dressing.

5. Back Strap Looms from Arunachal & Mizoram

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6. Hilltribe of Northern Thailand

a. Karen Tribe 212admin-ajax.php Long-Neck Karen Tribe 9admin-ajax.php 666admin-ajax.php

7. Ryukyu Weaving - Japan

Ryukyu Weaver, Japan Ryukyu Weaver, Japan Ryukyu Weaver, Japan Ryukyu Weaver, Japan And one more from the pinterest.com - it said that this is from India.   79347851db65b12b1326ba2406bf7759 This variation makes me realise that if something as definitive as technology can evolve differently from one region to the next, why should there be a single homogenous life model for all? Why must life models with less aggressive media, or less interest in finance be overriden by models that have the power and access to influence mindsets? Can everyone not be left alone in their habitat? jaina mishra May 2014

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