Gangaur Festival

A festival of devotion and of celebration of love. Shiva and Parvati are the epitome of love in Hindu mythology and this is one of the stories about their love. It is said that Parvati had gone home to her parental home for a few days. Shiva eagerly awaited her return and festivities were arranged to celebrate her arrival. In honor of that day, Rajasthan celebrates the Gangaur festival. Women decorate and worship statues of Parvati (alias Gauri), get together with their community of other women relatives, neighbours and friends and participate in community rituals of singing and preparing feasts for the family. They fast for several days - some to offer gratitude for happy marriages, others to pray for marital bliss. On the final day women dress up as brides and visit the lake or the river for the final puja. A short video of the the Gangaur festival in Udaipur 2012. [youtube] [youtube] A few images: [slideshow] More available on in hi-resolution jm April 2012

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