Chanting ceremony at Kagyud Monastery, Lingdum, Sikkim

The Kagyud Monastery was the best experience of my Sikkim trip. This is the monastery that I will return to someday. On the first visit, 2 days prior to Losar, I sat among the monks young and old, as they chanted their prayers and conducted their rituals. This photo-essay captures some of the visuals from the prayer hall that day. It does not require a commentary. [slideshow] I do wish  now, that I had recorded this on video as well.... And I wish there was some way to capture the fragrances, the echoes, the resonation of the sounds with the surroundings, the atmosphere created by decor in the sparsely lit hall, the subduing effect of the few butter lamps, and finally the sentiments that the monks exuded... Back to Sikkim Diaries jm March 2011

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