Antique Persian Afshar Bird Rug - what was she thinking?

Image Woven by tribal women, during the course of their day, after taking care of their household and their family, this category of Persian rugs  is a source of stimulation. So many unanswered questions ... ANtique Persian Afshar bird rug what was she thinking when she planned in so many birds? why birds? what birds are these with two heads? Siamese twins? why do they have stripes? how did she work on her creation - so much chaos within order? as far as we know, there is no paper drawing to lead her weaving ... every motif is created out of pure imagination, one line at a time.... how high her spatial intelligence must be in order to create such a wonderful work of art! If only I could sit at her feet and watch her and maybe converse with her and let her know how much I admire her! if only we could traverse a hundred years with a simple wish! ImageFor, this rug was made about a hundred years ago. by a tribal woman in Persia under living conditions that were harsh. If only! More images of this Afshar rug are available in the WOVENSOULS gallery here. jm July 2013

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